Hello and welcome to my website. Here you can browse some of my poetry and prose, view examples of my collage work and see the full range of my collage cards. You can also read my blog, including the archive, catch up on my news, and check out the creative workshops I offer.

I am a writer and collage maker.

Telling stories through poems, prose and mixed media collages is the main purpose of this website.

I have worked across a variety of settings in my professional life, mainly in roles designed to reduce abusive behaviour of all kinds in children and adults, and in roles designed to support children and young people from early years onwards. I have combined these working experiences with academic engagement: I have an M.A. and an MSc.

I have travelled a fair bit, but I like to get to know a few areas in depth rather than lots of places on the surface. I love Western Canada and Alaska, Scotland and Ireland.

My most significant life experience has been as a single parent to my son (check out his work at www.jackeames.com). My thanks to Jack for helping me set up this site, and to his assistant Rosie Harvey-Otway for all her work on the site build. I have been a member of the Borders Poetry Writing Group since 2005 and have blogged since 2009. 

I like to know what people I meet are “into”, so here’s a partial list of what I am into beyond collage and writing: art history; film (especially ‘slow cinema’); lower league football; mountains; underground comics; music…from Beethoven to Roll Over Beethoven; left wing politics and progressive causes; walking for fun, for inspiration and for noticing; satirical humour.

So…my creative time is now! 



73 Pyms Road, Wem, Shropshire, SY4 5UU