Beggar My Neighbour

“The gippos are setting up at the old Granville Colliery”,

Dad’s code for they’ll-nick-yer-bike


This mind-birthed beast takes an age to dispatch

“The nignogs are taking all the jobs at Sankeys”,

Mum’s code for they’ll-break-in-one-night


in its very definition of a necessary work in progress

“The pakis have taken over the chippie and the Spar”,

Gran’s code for they’ll-breed-and-they’ll-stink


all is skinned up, lingo’d, labelled, lashed with power’s tongue

“The gippos, the nignogs, the pakis: all are in me”,

my code for riches-in-listening-tasting-seeing


the lick of the beast that ever defies death.