Hildegard of Bingen Crosby Loses Her Religion

I want to pray to a jukebox in a shiny monastery

genuflect to Rock and Rolle of Hampole

whilst surf guitars seed the Sound Cloud of Unknowing

whence comes a hard rain for God and all his toady roadies 

sacred wonder is but a juvenile fantasy in geological time

an infantilised fanfare for the common manacle

the common mañana for the common mandolin break

in my bluegrass version of I Will Cling to the Old Druggéd Cross

for I have had a vision of what God’s taste in alcohol is

God drinks Beauty Happiness Truth and Laughter

until nothing is good or free from ten minute drum solos

for I have also had a vision of what God snorts into his gnosis

and injects into his vainglorious system of a down

God is but a Rapid I-Phone Movement ritual rockstar

I hereby resign from his tyrant convent tribute band

please do not report this as mere ‘musical differences’

for that really is me in the spotlight losing my religion