Mustang Wanted

Amazing Hands, Amazing Feats

Swarm up storm up every man-made height till you can show off on tightrope girders you heroic head-camera steeplejack narcissus strolling without effort a hundred miles above other tower tops and city blocks and dinky-crawl cars always cars inching around two hundred miles below your faultless trainers always cars to remind us of our dull passages through the world in dim obliviousness to your techno-tracked presence in the heavens above heavens above you force us to watch you even as you force us to look away watch look away watch look away watch till our adrenalin feels headier than your own when you calmly trust each rivet each bolt each narrow gangplank whilst leaving the dizziness to us the fear to us the righteous condemnation to us and don’t you just love to vision the screened product the look on our faces as we gaze on your works when you trust to your hands your fingers alone and hang and swing and taunt giddy-icarus death and flaunt your momentary triumph over the vertical the vertiginous knowledge that you will go too far push too hard for the limitless sensation the most libidinous fix of altitude porn so enshrined in your well-chosen non-english speaking english mustang wanted mustang desired risk like any young being so don’t call him stupid waste-a-life hope he dies tomorrow why does he do it because he can until he falls and he hurts no-one when he sees steel and concrete pride as his joy and not as property or industrial babel-spire for in generosity he humanises each no-go space with lithe imagination with studied indifference to a time of dying will he fall it does not matter that is not the point the point is that there is no point beyond the sickening grace the sumptuous bravado of being and motion without safety-net without second thought without grown-up doubt please do not doubt please do not think twice please do not accept that safety-net go on swarm up show off swarm up show off swarm up show off swarm up show off swarm up show off ………          

(Mustang Wanted is the internet name of a young Ukrainian extreme-parkour exponent)