Stay Hydrated

Water. Water is the vogue element. Here is a poem in the voice of Water. It is called ‘Tearjerker’.


I seem to attract cliché upon cliché,

easy words to dilute my power:

but my most important trait

is memory.

I remember mixing the mud that made


Dust from the sky, grainy gravel

from ground-down mountain ranges,

rivers of lava from grieving volcanos –

I met them all head on,

seeded their sediment into myriad motion.

So do you truly believe I cannot recall

my last wave-glut flood-flash?

I allowed Noah to ride me then,

bequeathed life to you all – again.

God gave Noah the rainbow sign,

no more water, the fire next time.

Your problem is this:

there is no other god but me.

This time I will laugh at your arks,

this time you will fight over me

even as I salt my way to ice-melt excess:

God gave Noah the rainblow sign,

no more fire, the water next time!


 Ted x